Windykacja Należności i Długów - ICG International Consulting Group
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76 Offices around the world
For us it matters not in which corner of the world your debtor is based.

Our lawyers are present almost around the globe.

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Free yourself from your debtors
Effective debt recovery – Poland, Europe and the world
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We fight for your money!
Debt recovery of international reach – FAST AND EFFECTIVE
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Effective debt recovery


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Windykacja Należności i Długów - ICG International Consulting Group

Debt Recovery - Poland, Europe and the world

ICG - International Consulting Group is a debt recovery firm operating on the international financial and legal services market...

Windykacja Należności i Długów - ICG International Consulting Group

No initial charges

Our efficacy in the recovery of debt guarantees you a lack of initial charges, result-based remuneration, free legal verification of case documents...

Windykacja Należności i Długów - ICG International Consulting Group


Debt recovery in Poland, Europe and the wider world is our speciality. We invite you to browse documents confirming the achievements of ICG in the field of debt recovery in Poland, Europe and throughout the world.

Windykacja Należności - Windykacja Długów - ICG



Cooperation with Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce\r\nWe would like to inform you that ICG became a member of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce.\r\n\r\n...
We would like to inform you that as of 10 December 2012 ICG became a member of the Western Chamber of Commerce.\r\n\r\n...
ICG has established cooperation with Giełda Wierzytelności Gospodarczych S.A. whose aim is to enhance business debt turnover. Under the cooperation, we offer our Clients a gratuitous entry of the information about a debt...
The financial crisis has been more and more severely increasing losses suffered by creditors for the past few months. When all conventional methods fail in spite of all the efforts, sometimes  instituting a bankruptcy pro...
On 6 February 2012 ICG celebrates its birthday. We have been with you for the last 10 years. Since 2002, every day we fight on your behalf for your debt in 39 countries. Millions of recovered funds build satisfaction of th...
The beginning of 2012 brought another success for ICG on the South American market. Due to quick and precise actions within only 14 days, our Client\'s account has been credited with a debt amounting to almost EUR 40,000. A...
Since as early as the second quarter of this year it has been possible through ICG to make use of the electronic referral of a case to court, all thanks to the institution of E-court.\r\n\r\nThe ICG legal department has in rec...
Owing to the continuous expansion of the ICG representative network, we have the pleasure of informing you that as of December ICG is also able to offer its clients debt recovery and legal services on the territory of Kaza...
As part of the collaboration with our Chinese partner specialising in the examination of economic entities in terms of current legal, financial and material situation, we offer our clients the opportunity to check a foreig...
Seal the security of your transactions!\r\nA COLLECTING AGENCY STAMP, in four languages – FREE!\r\n\r\nOn account of the great interest on the part of clients of our firm, please be informed that we are extending the special o...

76 Offices around the world

76 offices around the world

Firma windykacyjna

ICG to profesjonalna firma windykacyjna działająca
na międzynarodowym rynku usług prawnych. Nasze główne obszary działania to windykacja należności, odzyskiwanie długów i należności, przeterminowane płatności, windykacja sądowa i kompleksowy nadzór nad egzekucją. Kompleksowa windykacja polska i zagraniczna.

Windykacja Należności i Długów - ICG International Consulting Group

Windykacja długów i należności

Na stałe działamy w 50 krajach za pośrednictwem 76 Kancelarii na świecie. Zapewniamy globalne odzyskiwanie należności i windykację długów na rynku Polskim, Europejskim oraz Światowym. Wszelkie działania są prowadzone przez wyspecjalizowanych prawników w Polsce lub za granicą.

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