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Credit Reports

Check the credibility of your client, the legal and material situation – it pays!

ICG offers you professional Economic Reports. The drawing up of a commercial report allows the precise determination of material position, legal situation, links and economic relations.

A commercial (economic) report is a basic risk management tool. It is a means of obtaining data on the standing of a firm and contains information on the formal, legal and financial status of the firm examined, information on the scale of its activity and information on the persons representing it. An Economic Report is a means of obtaining data on the actual position of the firm examined.

Commercial Reports are drawn up on both Polish and foreign economic entities.

There is also the possibility of conducting a site visit, with this particularly useful in the examination of natural persons. We collaborate with private investigators operating across Poland and wider Europe. These are high-class specialists in law and debt management, many of them having gained practical experience in earlier work in the uniformed services. We operate in accordance with articles of the law in force.

Information acquired as a result of credit reference activity often contributes to our clients being provided with the effective recovery of their debts.
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