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We fight for your money!

ICG has for many years offered effective debt recovery services, assisting its clients in maintaining financial flows.

One of the greatest assets of ICG is the global reach of its services, thanks to which we have gained an advantage over the competition, offering services in almost every corner of the world.

At present we operate permanently in 50 countries by way of 76 Offices around the world, and are still actively strengthening our presence on new markets.

We provide debt recovery services throughout Europe, in Asia and some countries in Africa, and in the United States and Canada.

Experience, a qualified foreign-language personnel and collaboration with numerous foreign debt recovery firms and law offices allow us to provide services at the highest level in almost every corner of the world.

We do not limit ourselves only to typical legal proceedings, placing emphasis above all on resolving a case by an amicable route through the conduct of negotiations, this with the aid of well-tried and safe techniques of ‘pressure’ aimed at recovering those amounts due to our clients – with retention of good relations with commercial partners.

Benefits for our clients:

  • DEBT RECOVERY conducted without initial charges
  • Remuneration in the form of commission linked to the results of activity
  • FAST and highly EFFECTIVE debt recovery activities – contact with a debtor as early as the day following receipt of instructions
  • A lack of language barriers in contact with debtors
  • Knowledge of local law, thanks to collaboration with foreign lawyers
  • PREFERENTIAL and competitive RATES for remuneration of foreign lawyers

ICG clients receive a collection agency stamp for use free of charge over a 12-month period.

Rapid activity is half of success. Time plays a decisive role – the faster a professional debt recovery firm takes up the monitoring of your liabilities, the greater the odds that these are repaid without the need to undertake specialist legal activities.

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