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How are instructions for debt recovery conveyed?

ICG GroupWorth knowingHow are instructions for debt recovery conveyed?

Debt recovery with ICG means a minimum of formalities. We strive to provide speed and efficacy of activity.

Submission of a case to ICG, verification of documents, the checking of a debtor and arbitration activities are all free of charge.

In order to convey a case for debt recovery, it is enough to send copies of invoices or a list of amounts due to ICG by fax, email or post.

We do not require the completion of any forms or declarations.

Documents received are subject to legal verification and the debtor firm is checked in available databases and records. Such verification is FREE and does not oblige a client to conclude a contract with us.
The client is usually informed within 24 hours of the results of the verification and the potential for beginning collaboration.

We effectively and legally

recover debts