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ICG Company

With our help you can recover your receivables in almost every corner of the world.
ICG – International Consulting Group has been operating on the international financial and legal services market since 2002 - currently we are one of the leading debt collection companies in Poland.

We operate permanently in 50 countries around the world, providing complex legal services in the field of effective debt collection. We strengthen our presence in new markets. It is the global reach of our services that is one of the greatest advantages of ICG. You can take advantage of our team of experts, regardless of the country in which you operate.

How do we work?

Above all, we put emphasis on resolving the matter amicably through negotiations. We use proven and safe persuasion techniques, which result in the recovery of receivables by our clients - while maintaining good relations with business partners.

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By giving us your case, you can be sure that we will approach it in an individual way. This will increase the effectiveness of your actions and make you recover your funds faster. We are open to any suggestions and expectations on the part of our clients, wanting to adjust the scope and manner of services provided to their expectations.

Our company has been a member of the Polish Creditor Management Association, for many years, in order to confirm the care for legal and ethical standards in the scope of offered services.

As part of the National Competition and Consumer Consultancy Programme, we have been awarded the prestigious "Expert's Laurel" quality mark for the product "International Debt Collection".

For the excellent feedback
from our clients we received
the "Best 2018" award.


We effectively and legally

recover debts